Associations and Certifications

UNO Construction Co. goes to great lengths to ensure the superior quality of its applications. We’ve performed extensive testing to ensure reliable performance. In addition, we are certified in all products that we install so that our craftsmanship is consistent with manufacturers high standards.

Many installers will apply any product without any training or quality control over the finish in your pool. Because any process is only as good as the people who apply it, UNO Construction Co. is very diligent about hiring trained experienced installers who have been applying pool finishing products for years. We then provide them with even more hands on training to keep them up to date with the newest finishes and finishing techniques.

Already a leader in the swimming pool finish industry, UNO Construction Co. continues to provide superior quality applications to new and existing pools and spas. As the scope of our products and services expands, we remain committed to provide you the best quality service available.

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