Choosing the Perfect Pool Finish

There are many beautiful and reliable swimming pool and spa finish options available in today’s market. Everything from traditional white plaster to the multi-hued selections of pebble finishes, natural stone, glass bead and even crystal stones. The spectrum of choices can be very exciting and also daunting without proper information.


Swimming pool and spa finishes are unlike any other surface covering product because this finish is always submerged in water. In swimming pool water where chemicals are involved,  surface changes, such as color change, can happen – slowly in a well maintained pool, and much faster in other cases.  An expert in pool plastering can help you decide your very best options in choosing the right finish that will maintain it appearance over time.

With new technology manufacturers like Beadcrete offer a smoother alternative to pebble. Glass spheres are locked together using a cement based finish. This finish ‘glows’ under the water and feels luxurious on the toes.

Manufacturers like WetEdge Technologies uses beautiful stones such as Primera Stone, Pearl Matrix, Satin Matrix, Luna Quartz and Altima obtained from around the world. These stones are considered by many to be the most beautiful and long lasting.

A sound finish should last ten to fifteen years, sometimes more. The pool finish is one of the most important decorative elements of your swimming pool or spa and is usually the biggest and most noticed surface in the yard. It can be the first impression a visitor or if one day you put your house on the market, a buyer sees, so it must be chosen carefully. Also, look for surfaces that are easy on the swimmer’s feet and hands.

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Making a good choice involves understanding the different choices available.